Kinesis Sports Clinic

To make kinesis physiotherapy clinic design minimalist we considered using more organised storage areas and units. Not only does this create clean lines and clearly defined spaces, but it ensures any clutter is tidied away and makes the whole clinic feel more open. 

The reception, male/female waiting areas and physio rooms are placed in the areas with direct sunlight, while the rooms where privacy is needed are located on the interior of the clinic such as treatment rooms, consultation rooms, exercise room and back office. The circulation and distribution of the clinic are accomplished through a central corridor that connects the several spaces, allowing at the same time a clear path for the visitors and their control by the clinic staff.

Colour, lighting, graphics, and design choices was carefully considered in clinic design, with the aim of creating a relaxing atmosphere and free-flowing spaces. These features perfectly blended together to create a friendly, functional environment for patients while also simplifying administrative operations for your personnel. Relaxed lighting and neutral colours are used in this clinic design to ensure patients are as relaxed as possible. It also gives the illusion of a larger, lighter space, potentially making visitors think more positively about the business and their visit.

Natural Biophilic design concept prioritises the use of natural materials and light. This was implemented in this physiotherapy clinic design by blurring the distinctions between indoor and outdoor environments. By integrating artificial light with sunlight, a more relaxed atmosphere is created for patients, with no harsh shadows. Incorporating plants and other vegetation into building entrances and certain rooms has elevated the mood and feel of the space.



  • CategoryHealth and Wellness

  • DATE19.10.2022

  • LocationDubai Hills

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