A façade so extravagant it offers a view of the entire restaurant with its glass façade giving more visibility to visitors and allowing more natural light to enter the space and make it feel spacious, the arches follow each other in a flow so as to cause no visual obstacle. A special feeling is intrigued simply by walking into the space, a feeling of passing through different eras making it timeless.

Even though hard to narrow it down the restaurants main feature remain to be the bar that greets the visitors at its entrance itself. A cozy nook created for the bar area with a grid ceiling that runs down on the bar back finished with mirror to give it depth and grandeur. The capsule shaped suspended bar shelf and the baluster legs of the bar unit offers a novel concept to the restaurant. The mixed matched wooden flooring forming a ramp to walk creating interesting patterns on the floors as well as the mosaic floor in black and white creates drama to the space.


  • CategoryFood and Beverage - Interiors

  • LocationAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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