Achiever Properties

The reception area exudes a feeling of Zen and cohesion of the elements by incorporating greenery, concrete, metal screens and wooden features along with the lighting that is fused with the various features. The acoustic fabric used in the hanging ceiling feature aids to the whole feel of open ceiling and makes the area seem more spacious and bigger despite it being comparatively small giving a warmer feeling upon entrance. The reception leads to a waiting lounge which has sharp features and remains minimalist at the same time with a pop of brand colors making the space vibrant and lively. Ample wooden features and greenery are incorporated into the design. Tall windows allow natural light to enter the office while offering grand views for the customers and employees offering a soothing and relaxed environment while feeling welcomed to the office. 

Employee work areas are flooded with natural light as they are aligned parallel to the windows along with decorative linear lights, offering custom workstations that balance privacy and openness. Plants at the top of workstations in a customized decorative hanging wooden planter enhances the mood and feel of the space. Spaces include an employee breakout area/lounge, hot desks, meeting rooms, pantry, reception, waiting area and private offices.

The office space for the employees of ACHIEVER PROPERTIES is on an open workstation concept incorporating industrial elements along with greenery and wooden materials creating a harmony of materials used and allowing like-minded individuals to collaborate, share and work towards their core principles. Plants remain a big part of the design and are incorporated in almost all the features alongside wooden features creating a cozy and warm environment of collaboration.

In a contrast to the feel of the entire office, the discussion/meeting room has a pop of color which matches the brand guidelines and incorporates materials which can be used as discussion boards such as back painted glass without losing the design theme of the office. The stretch ceiling in discussion room is lit in a different and contrasting way from the rest of the office to create a sense of collaboration and debate amongst the users.  

  • CategoryCommercial Space

  • DATE24.06.2022

  • LocationTower Plaza, Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai

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