Bordomavi - Stylish Harbourfront Restaurant

 Surrounded by wind towers & fishing boats docked in the harbor, one can spend the day in peace & tranquility while enjoying the breeze and admiring the deep blue views, seated at one of the best gourmet Chef’s Restaurant, Café & Bakery. Yes an all in one destination celebrates the rich fishing culture of Dubai, transforming the space by elevating the gourmet offering across three spaces taking you through different cuisine and dining blends. Each space – the restaurant, café & the bakery coexist offering distinct experiences.

If you are looking for an ultra-cool destination for your next dinner, then the award-winning 3 FILS could be the perfect choice for your dining experience.

It’s a unique gastronomic experience that engages all 5 senses where visitors can enjoy a blend of classic seafood & contemporary flavors. 

• The aim of the project was to design a warm, welcoming Japandi style space using a calm and peaceful color palette to enhance the sense of comfort and tranquility. 

• “Bordomavi & Brix” is a fusion of modern and a traditional Middle Eastern style. 

• The idea was to create a combination of bright open spaces with darker toned, more intimate spaces to create a contrast and distinction between the different spaces.

• The focus of the design was to bring the elements of Japanese and Scandinavian design style and to blend elegant minimalistic functionality with the outdoor environment. 

• The design leans towards holistic approach and create a positive and balanced space. 

• Hence the design of the Café Brix is more Scandinavian and focuses more on functionality with clean and simple lines along with lots of natural light coming in and some pop of color to enhance the space and make it feel more open, while the Restaurant Bordomavi is more of a Japanese design that embraces the natural imperfections in materials.

• Materials like wood, rattan and bamboo create an earthy rustic feel. Wood is a prominent feature of the restaurant design along with rich, dark as well as natural materials to promote tranquil sanctuary. Likewise, the café – Brix leans on light natural wood tones and simple design.

• The use of pillows, throws, upholstery and  vases  made from natural materials have been used to accessorize the space and  add depth and interest, as well as encourage eye movement throughout the space. Purposeless accessories have been discarded to create a feeling of spaciousness. 

•Natural, earthy and unfinished rustic look of the seafood grill bar is a particular highlight of the design that serves freshly prepared seabass, barracuda, sherry and a plenty more to enjoy directly from the seafood display counter. 

•Natural light coming into the space through large windows and the use of planters makes the space look lively, fresh and inviting.

•The Design is simple, natural, and has an earthy feel about it. Since ‘natural’ is key, one will not find modern materials like metal, plastic or synthetic fibers. So rather than finding sleek, glossy burl wood, more reclaimed and unfinished woods and stones can be seen in the design. 

•The exposed ceiling design style makes the space feel more spacious. 

Aesthetics are an integral and key element of this design. The darker sleek elegance of the Restaurant is balanced out by the lighter, more rustic style café for a relaxed sense of space, where everything serves its purpose while creating a beautiful and friendly environment.

  • CategoryFood and Beverage - Interiors

  • DATE24.06.2022

  • LocationJumeirah, Dubai

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