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The entrance has a beautiful combination of minimalist flooring, wooden rattan furniture’s adorned with artwork that catches the eye immediately. The addition of indoor plants gives warmth and serenity that attracts clients inside, the colors used have an earthly warm tone with wooden finishing that syncs with the meaning of Ayurveda, The science of Life. Metal and wooden accessories are used to elevate the space’s décor. Stretching across the ceiling are curved flowy wooden beams with embedded LED lights – a design element that contributes to the interplay of straight and curved lines in the space. In the Vastu Shastra, it is mentioned that the flowing water in the fountain symbolizes the flow of money, happiness and love. It adds positivism and a homely feeling to space.

The long stretched corridor with its polished concrete floor and open ceiling connects the reception area to consultation and treatment rooms. The lighting is a trendy take on suspended track lights. The hallway is wide and long to elongate the feel of the space and open up the floor for people to walk “Ayurveda consulting relies on understanding the root cause of the patient’s problems as opposed to quick fixes”. With white walls, grey flooring and wooden joineries, the consulting room had to reflect this conscious slowness. It is a seamless amalgamation of contemporary and minimalist design. The aspiration was to create an environment that was both comfortable and stimulating.

The treatment room as the name suggests is a simple yet well-equipped space used for Ayurveda treatments. The simple flooring with minimal wood cladding helps to keep the focus only on the clients and the treatments. The use of dark and neutral tones on the wall invites wellness and relaxation. Special focus was given on lighting to make up for the lack of windows.

 Each spa room has its own steam shower, infrared sauna and soaking tub. The use of organic shapes and curves in form of ceiling installation or lights gives the interiors a unique visual identity. Unifying details through the space includes archways and artworks that instills a sense of lightness and fluidity to the design. Every single element was designed to create a welcoming, intimate atmosphere that will invoke conversation and appeal to all the senses.

  • CategorySpa and Wellness

  • DATE01.05.2022

  • LocationPalm Jumeirah

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