The right dose of patterns in your home décor by Chakshika Sharma

Patterns can be a little tricky when it comes to incorporating different styles in your home space. Patterns are one thing which you come across daily whether in veining of the marble, texture of wood or maybe your standard rug. The key role of pattern is to add energy and emphasis to the room. It enhances the ambiance of the room, scale and proportion of the entire space. But when it comes to styling, a lot many individuals cannot get the basics right.

A little tips and tricks will help you understand how to mix and combine and do it like a pro.

1. Consider sticking to same color family

Different patterns with different colors can overwhelm you and make the space extra bold and chaotic. So, it is advisable to use different kinds of patterns within same tonal color. You can use the 60-30-10 rule while designing your own space. 60% of your room can be a dominant color while 30% of the area can be your secondary color and 10% will act as a feature more like an accent color.

2. Geometric Patterns will help you refresh retro feel.

Geometrical patterns with a monochromatic color scheme can bring dramatic effect. The furniture accents can be in geometrical print, or your wall picture frames can ace the look with the subtle dominant color. You can layer the area by throwing overthrow pillows and blankets. Sticking to one or specific pattern style can create a sense of cohesion.

3.Blending Vibrant and Globally inspired patterns

You can blend simple and complex patterns together but with a right combination. For example, if you have a tremendously intricate pattern to showcase in your space then combine it with the subtle, simple pattern next to it. This trick will not make you go overboard and can add variation and contrast with aesthetic.

4. Layering with the rug cannot go wrong.

The most prominent feature in the room can be an oversized rug with the right amount of layering.

Combine the main rug with the contrasting another one to create visual interest in the room. Accent pillows and sofa covers adds mixture of styles and add depth. If there is no drama or dynamism into the space, it has a risk of getting boring and dull. So, the use of prints helps accentuate the room that creates wow-factor

5. Combine themes and provide contrast

Picking a theme while setting patterns can provide the framework to work on. For example, florals and stripes work together while geometric patterns can be set in any tone. Plus, setting a color palette can create a sense of balance and harmony into the area while determining the shades of darkness and lightness. Allowing to use different shades of color can bring attention to one focal thing in turn helping to control the narrative.

6. Patterns doesn’t always mean random

Adding patterns doesn’t always mean bohemian or hippy interiors. By selecting muted patterns with soft furnishing can tone down the patterns to create a cozy and comfortable vibe. Using a large-scale pattern with two three medium smaller patterns for accents. From minimal to eclectic, patterns and prints play an important part in every interior style.


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