How to Design your CEO Cabin like a Pro! by Chakshika Charma

When designing a CEO’s or an MD’s cabin, al-ways keep in mind that he or she holds the highest authority in the office and, there-fore, an excellent interior design is very important. Modern-day offices are fulfilling the diverse needs of employees, with a totally different approach. CEO cabins should have flexibility a productive environment and should be de-signed to fit their social status.

The most importantthing in the CEO cabin is the chair.Itisthe place from whereyou takethemost importantdeci-sions of hiring and firing. The chair should always differentiate a leaderfrom the rest of the group.Choose acomfort-able chair with rich fabric and texture, which imparts creativity andcontrast to your workstation.
A desk for brainstorming
will begin. The ideal countershouldac-commodate one’s personal items like laptop,notepad and one or twothings. The desk in the CEO’scabin should be a design statement. Bold,prominentand eye-catchingdesigner tables wouldadd an extra touch of lavish and luxuryto the room.
Accessorising your space
Choose rightcurtain fab-rics with formal patterns and texture. And also keep in mind thatthe CEO cabin shouldhavesound insulation due to the onfidential nature of the talks that take place here.
As alot goes in the cabin, there should be ample amount of storage and space to keep all the private documents. The wall behindthe CEO’schair canbe treated as afeature wall with a combination of bookshelf design. Either one can have a feature artwork with shelves designed on either side. It’s better to have storage at the back because of the easy accessibility.Bookshelf does not literally mean to display your bookor document collection but canalso be used to display awards o rmedals or anything that is personal.
Of course, there is nothing better than having natural light coming to your desk. But just in case if this is not the case, then there are several other options to consider.


<div style="\&quot;text-align:" justify;\"=""> Stretch Fabric Lighting over the CEO’scabin is a good option to have equal amount of lighting. LED lights and mini spot lights help to create awarm and interesting environment. With the right furniture placement and specific décor items, the cabin couldbeaheav-enly abode and mark are markable feature in your entire office.


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