Go bold with stone and concrete by Liza Pinto

Using natural materials in interiors, one design will never be similar to the other and that’s pure luxury. Stone and concrete are few of the most versatile and popular materials to have existed for years. Their unique texture and distinct beauty add to create exclusive design that stands out.

The smooth and soft neutral shades give a modern minimalistic look making your space aesthetically pleasing.

They are available in various sizes and patterns and locally available in tile shops.

Make sure to select the sizes and the type of tile based on the area where you are going to install them. Going with a very small size in a large area will make the space look small.

Different sizes can be put together and laid in different patterns creating a unique flooring pattern.

For wet areas like bathrooms and outdoor spaces, you can go with rough anti skid stone tiles which are easier to clean and aren’t slippery.

Concrete can be cast in any colour of your choice. You can go creative with nearly everything, including shape, size, pattern, and thickness. It can adapt and fit to any style almost everywhere.

You can combine a concrete wash basin with brass or black sanitary fittings and create a clean, modern look for your bathrooms. Concrete washbasins are readily available in local markets or can even be custom-made to desired colours, shapes or sizes.

Outdoor barbeque counters, kitchen tops, bar counters are few of the many things that can be customised and made from concrete.

Stones come with a natural charm and add warmth to the space. Having minimalistic and sleek furniture with an attractive stone feature wall in your living room is the look you desire.

You can use stone tiles to wrap around your existing walls. The natural look can complement concept or the look and feel of your interiors.

Using attractive natural stone with concealed lighting can completely transform your space, giving it a subtle, contemporary look.

Stone backsplash wall is an ideal combination with seamless kitchen cabinets. Natural stones are very strong and durable, which makes them ideal for furniture pieces like dining table, buffet consoles, centre tables, etc.

Not to forget, the final touch of accessories to your space, which will enhance the look and beauty. Accessories, such as candle holders, lamps, table accents, wall feature pieces, pendant lamps and many more. There are endless locally-sourced artistic feature pieces in concrete and stone that complete the natural vibe.

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