Feng Shui Ideas to incorporate to achieve balanced home environment by Chakshika Sharma

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which focuses on the flow of chi. ‘Chi’ is the life flow or energy that surrounds us. Incorporating Feng Shui goes beyond western tenets and is often referred to as an art of placement. While the elements of Feng Shui apply in different aspects, it is mostly incorporated in interior design because tools used in Feng Shui can be used in the context of home.

While we are continuously looking for methods to invite good vibes into our lives and home, this feng shui practice comes handy. The earth symbolizes steadiness and helps to remain grounded. It can be achieved by introducing square patterns and layering beige and gold elements, earthenware in terms of décor setup. Try bringing rocks, crystals and indulging in any form of landscaping. You can also try decorating with candles, pair of objects and another general tip would be to make house clutter-free.

The water element helps with accuracy, logic and wisdom. By placing reflective surfaces and aquariums and mirrors, it can help balance water element in the house. The one item that mystifies feng shui believers are the mirrors and not all agree on its best use and placement. Hang mirror perpendicular to the front door as people believe it helps expand opportunities in one’s life. It is also said don’t use or hand mirrors in kitchen or above bed, sofas and chairs. Hang full looking mirror in the hallway in fact to make it more aesthetically pleasing, one can go for beveled antique mirror or tinted reflective surfaces.

Reds and oranges are associated with fire element, so try to use these colors in the rooms with dynamic energy. Red accent walls and furniture, orange throw pillows and other fiery pops of color can be used. Having good lighting is also the way to ignite fire element. The most straightforward way to introduce fire energy into your homes is to bring fireplace in the living area or having pure soy candles around the house.

Wood is a healing element that promotes vitality in health and decisiveness in action. Consider having floating branches, houseplants and branches mixed in bouquet. Rectangular shapes and having brown elements and accent color will help to pay attention this element. Incorporating clay figurines, terracotta planters and natural materials are another way to include feng shui in the homes.

Metal symbolizes logic and accuracy. It also represents righteousness and integrity Having metal framed artwork, circle shapes and decorative items with emphasizing on the color whites and grays.

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