Design Middle East 2022 - Communication, Collaboration and Corporate Wellness

The pandemic may have hit the world very differently as compared to the UAE. The incredible health infrastructure and processes in place have made this the go-to destination for businesses all around the world.

Not only are we seeing an all-time high in luxury residential investments but also an upward shift in commercial space developments. We are working on some incredible commercial projects such as the Rohsa Head Quarters spread across 10,000sqft and the much-awaited The Bureau, the largest women’s only co-working space in Emaar Gold and Diamond Park spread across 11,000sqft. The common theme across both these spaces is how we’ve managed to incorporate wellness in a commercial space. It’s been incredible bringing to life wellness break out spaces for staff and employees, furniture design that consider social distancing and specially coated fabrics that are virus repellent.

These are not just trends that will fizzle away as more importance is now given to a.

At The Bureau, Designsmith team has tried to create a healthy balance between work and play. They used to go through several rounds of questioning and follow properly zoning and planning to ensure that good design drives each function smoothly.

The Bureau is a one-of-a-kind space in the UAE, the mission for a highly productive co-working space that competes globally as the go-to destination not only has a fitness studio, a café and quiet rooms inside its premises, but also focusses on community building spaces which allow for gatherings, community talks, and more. Trends will come and go, but a well laid out design that allows for growth and functioning remains the call for most new establishments are opening shop now.

The lessons learnt from rigid pre-pandemic plans and the flexibility achieved in working from home needs to be seamlessly balanced into what the ideal work environment now is to be. There will be larger shifts from fixed cabins that lined up offices previously to open spaces in organisations that allow for communication, collaboration and corporate wellness to take centre stage and most forward-looking organisations have already adapted to this mode.

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